Snake Skin Shedding: The Renewal Process of Snakes

Wednesday, 23 August 2023


The process of shedding skin is an essential aspect of a snake's life. It's not only a fascinating biological phenomenon but also a vital part of a snake's growth and survival. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable process of snake skin shedding and its significance in a snake's life.

Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?

Snake skin shedding, also known as ecdysis, serves several crucial purposes for these reptiles. First and foremost, it allows snakes to accommodate their increasing body size as they grow. Unlike mammals, whose skin grows with them, a snake's skin remains the same size throughout its life. As the snake grows, its old skin becomes tight and uncomfortable, and shedding it is the only way to continue thriving.

Additionally, shedding plays a role in removing parasites and microorganisms from the snake's body. The outer layer of the old skin often carries hitchhikers, and by shedding, the snake can rid itself of these unwanted guests.

The Ecdysis Process

Snake skin shedding is a carefully orchestrated event. Here's how it typically unfolds:

  1. Pre-Shedding Phase: Before shedding begins, snakes enter a pre-shedding phase. During this time, they may become less active and may not eat. Their skin becomes dull and opaque, a sign that the shedding process is imminent.

  2. Liberating Liquids: To initiate shedding, snakes secrete a special fluid between their old and new skin layers. This liquid contains enzymes that help dissolve the old skin's attachments.

  3. Eye Caps: One of the most noticeable features of the pre-shedding phase is the clouding over of the snake's eye caps. This cloudiness is caused by a fluid build-up between the eye cap and the underlying eye. As shedding approaches, the snake's vision is impaired.

  4. Beginning the Shed: The snake then rubs its head against rough surfaces, like rocks or branches, to create a split in the old skin near the mouth. This process starts at the front of the snake's body and moves backward.

  5. Crawling Out: As the snake advances, it crawls out of the old skin, turning it inside out in the process. It may seek a hiding place during this time.

  6. Revealing the New Skin: Once the snake has fully emerged from its old skin, its new skin underneath is vibrant and glossy. The cloudiness in the eyes also clears, allowing the snake to see clearly again.

The Significance of Snake Skin Shedding

Snake skin shedding is a symbol of renewal and growth. It allows snakes to shed not only their old skin but also potential burdens like parasites. This process is essential for a snake's health and vitality, ensuring it can continue to thrive in its environment.


Snake skin shedding is a remarkable and essential part of a snake's life. It's a process that symbolizes growth, renewal, and adaptation. Understanding the significance of shedding helps us appreciate these incredible reptiles even more and highlights the complexity of the natural world.

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