Snake-Related Stories from Brisbane Northside: Real-Life Encounters and Rescues

Friday, 25 August 2023

Cute Tiger Snake


Brisbane Northside, with its lush greenery and diverse wildlife, is home to a variety of snake species. In this article, we'll share real-life stories of snake encounters and rescues that shed light on the dynamic relationship between humans and these fascinating reptiles.

A Slithery Surprise in the Garden

One sunny afternoon, Sarah, a resident of Brisbane Northside, was tending to her garden when she received an unexpected visitor. A beautiful carpet python had made itself at home in her flower bed. Rather than panicking, Sarah reached out to a local snake catcher, Robert Watson, who gently relocated the snake to a nearby nature reserve. The encounter left Sarah with a newfound appreciation for the wildlife that shares her neighborhood.

A Venomous Visitor

In the suburb of Samford Valley, the Johnson family had a heart-pounding encounter with a venomous snake. A highly venomous eastern brown snake had found its way into their garage. Knowing the risks, they wisely kept their distance and called a professional snake catcher. The snake was safely captured and relocated, serving as a reminder of the importance of snake awareness in snake-prone areas.

An Inquisitive Carpet Python

Carpet pythons are not uncommon in Brisbane Northside, and their inquisitive nature can sometimes lead to intriguing encounters. In one instance, a carpet python slithered into a family's living room through an open window. Instead of causing alarm, the family marveled at the snake's beauty and called a snake catcher for its safe removal. The snake, seemingly unperturbed by the experience, was released back into the wild.

The Schoolyard Serpent

In a local primary school, students had an unexpected wildlife lesson when a harmless green tree snake made an appearance on the playground. Rather than causing panic, the school staff used the opportunity to educate the children about snake safety and the importance of respecting local wildlife. A professional snake handler was called to ensure the snake's safe relocation.

The Tireless Snake Catchers

Throughout Brisbane Northside, a dedicated team of snake catchers is always ready to respond to calls from residents encountering snakes. Their expertise and commitment to the safe capture and relocation of snakes contribute to peaceful coexistence between humans and reptiles.


Brisbane Northside is a region teeming with natural beauty and wildlife, including a variety of snake species. Real-life stories of snake encounters and rescues highlight the importance of understanding and respecting these creatures. Whether it's a carpet python exploring a garden or a venomous snake seeking shelter, the interactions between humans and snakes in Brisbane Northside are a testament to the need for snake awareness, education, and professional snake handling services.

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